Life During Wartime Devendra Banhart & Beck

Автор: Devendra Banhart & Beck

Имя песни: Life During Wartime

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Добавлено: 2015-12-11

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I tried to forgive, I tried to forget
Tried to not to relive what makes me upset
We all make mistakes so why not admit them?
I made a mistake, it's just like me now

Life during wartime
Life during wartime
Time to reflect
Time to think
Life during wartime

I try to forget, try not to forget
The things you don't get you always regret
When times are so rough and people are dying
I say that's enough, there's no use in lying

Life during wartime
Life during wartime
Time to improve
Time to do good
Life during wartime

I thought I could change the way that you think
Instead it's so strange, I've turned you to drink
Oh why did I, why did I roam around on my own?
I should've stayed home, should've stayed home
And thrown out your iPhone, thrown out your iPhone

I thought I forgave, I thought I forgot
I tried to be brave but found I could not
I made a mistake and now it's all too late
My heart's full of ache, is this what is called fate?

Life during wartime
Life during wartime
Time to repeat
Time to be strong
Life during wartime

You cannot forget what can't be forgot
The life that you live, is that all that you've got?
Life during wartime

Life During Wartime - Beck and Devendra Banhart
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